14 Things for 2014 (Part 1: The Little Things)

1. Eat breakfast.

We’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts your metabolism. It keeps you energized in the morning. It stops your stomach from making embarrassing sounds and keeps it happy until your next meal.

I have a habit of not eating breakfast. Or more precisely, I have a habit of waking up late or with just enough time to get dressed and grab my things, which is why I rarely get to sit down and have breakfast. This is why I always start my first class with “I’m hungry.” And almost every other class too. I’m just a hungry person in general.

2. Drink more water.

Water keeps you looking young and helps keep your body clean. It keeps your hair shiny and your skin moisturized. It helps with your digestion and helps you lose weight. Simply put, water…is magical. Which is why we should drink a lot of water. And this is probably one of the easiest things to do, but also one of the easiest things to neglect.

It’s common knowledge that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this is correct though, which is why I chose to use the relative word “more.”

If you’re looking for reasons NOT to drink 8 glasses of water a day, click on the link below.


3. Eat more vegetables.

Vegetables are healthy—end of conversation. I’m not fond of vegetables, and I’m not particularly interested in writing about them either. However, there is no denying that they are good for you.

I’m one of those people who feel proud of themselves when they eat vegetables. I honestly think that it is a very big achievement. I also like how it makes my plate more colorful. I like colors.

4. Save money.

Because we all need money. And we all want money. And since I’m not yet working and earning money, there’s no choice but to save money.

I still have to figure out how I’m going to do this though.

5. Finish one book a month.

Or one book every two months. Or maybe longer. The emphasis is not on the time consumed, but the act of actually finishing a book.

I, for the most part, like reading. I like reading because it kills boredom, exercises your imagination, and makes you feel smart. I’m one of those people who like the smell of books and sometimes secretly sniff their own books (I generally do not sniff books that are not mine because that is kind of disgusting). But you know how, when you’re in school, you don’t have time to read? Or you feel bad about reading a novel because you have half a hundred pages of Theology or Philosophy readings left to digest?

6. Use my planner until the end of the year.

My planners always end up looking something like this:

January-February: Full of notes, schedules, things to remember, things to do. The start of the year encourages people to attempt to be more organized, which is why there is so much effort to keep track of things.

March: Significantly less writing. Only really important stuff like papers and finals.

April-May: Almost empty. Summer vacation means that planners are forgotten.

June-July: Similar to January-February. The start of the school year gives a sense of “new beginnings” and the chance to make things right. But they don’t last long.

August-September: A bit of writing here and there. Probably 1 drawing for every thing written.

October: A big chunk of this month is taken up by the semester break, which means planners are tucked away safely until…

November-December: Clean, almost-recyclable paper everywhere. I forgot I even had a planner. Or maybe I just lost it somewhere.

And then I spend the last few weeks of December or the first week of January fussing about getting a new planner. And the cycle repeats itself.

7. Relax

This sounds a bit weird. What’s so difficult about relaxing that it has to be put on a to-do list?

I’m the kind of person that easily gets stressed out about things. I overthink things, I’m paranoid—it’s a curse. It’s not that I don’t ever rest (which I do a lot). It’s more stressing about things that I shouldn’t be stressed out about. So I have to start making a conscious effort to relax…so the wrinkles don’t pile up.


These are the small things on my list, and I think it’s just really nice how 7 is exactly half of 14. The next 7 will be a little deeper and bit more personal. Feels-fest.